Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tsunami Aftermath part 2

I'm back in Tokyo. Spent a week in Iwate with the TV crew and traveled 2,300 km by car.
Here are a few more shots of Rikuzentakata area.

This family had a restaurant called "Wai Wai". We found them 5 blocks away from where their shop use to be. They said they had been looking all over the place, but could not find a thing.
This is where their restaurant use to be...

This lady greeted us with a big smile. The reporter asked her how she managed to still smile after loosing everything. She said that there was no time to be depressed, but that they all should work together to build their town back.

She said "As long as the sun shines, we'll be fine!", and proceeded to shovel the dirt of the floor of what used to be her bike shop. The floor was the only thing left of the shop.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

After the Tsunami

I'm working with a german TV crew in the Iwate area covering the Tsunami aftermath. What the eartquake did not break, the tsunami wave destroyed, and then fires took care of what little was left. There are cars inside buildings, houses on top of other houses, boats in the middle of the streets, on top of buildings, and under bridges. And under all this rubble, there are still thousands of missing people.

If you can donate, please do so. The people here are not complaining. They are working hard to get their lives back, and are thankfull for being alive. At the same time, they feel it is their duty to rebuild their towns, as a tribute to those who did not survive.