Friday, February 20, 2009

Darts queen?

Tech info: Canon 5D MII with sigma 24-70 mm lens.
540EZ through white umbrella to camera left, 540EZ at 1/128 power to models left on VAL

There is this mexican bar I often eat dinner at. One of their staff is participating in the national Darts queen contest, so they asked me to take her photo. They call her "Negishi", after the Manga character in Detroit Metal City.

Friday, February 13, 2009


tech info: waffer 100 softbox with Hensel Contra/Integra on models left.
Camera: EOS digital SLR

Katja is a friend from Siberia and her hobby is to collect stones (she studies geology). If you ever see her, offer her a pebble.

Shot in my living room/studio.

the dressing room

tech info: canon 550EX on shoot through umbrella above camera, 580 EX behind model pointing at wall
Camera: Canon EOS digital SLR

tech info: Canon 550EX on shoot through umbrella.
Camera: canon EOS digital SLR

Whenever my schedule allows, I shoot pole dancers at a club in Shin Kiba, Tokyo. These girls are real acrobats. I shoot them before going on stage, a la strobist, and then I shoot their performance. There are usually 2 sets every Saturday. In order of appearance: Maki, Kayo, Reiko, Pippi.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

finally....and now what?!

tech info: hensel Contra/Integra monoblock fitted with Waffer 100 softbox to model's right
Camera: Canon EOS digital SLR

After years of thinking and being asked about it, I am making my first cyber attempt at the web via blogger. I actually wanted to start with a web page, but it seems like that is not going to happen any time soon.

So now what? I have nothing to write about.

I shoot for fun and sometimes for work. I will mainly post the "fun" photos, just because I do not think anyone would be interested in looking at a CEO signing a contract, lots of people in suits, or the portraits of the entire trading staff of a bank (more suits).

The girl on the photo above is Juliya. She is a model working in Tokyo, and she happens to be my neighbour.